Why I am so Lazy These Days

Why I am so lazy these days?! Anyone asks me to do anything, the first thing I think is how to skip it. The initiative taken to find out the strategy to do so is nonetheless of less effort. I am always trying to find out a way to escape from duties. It's like I am tired of stuffs around me.

If I get a task to complete within a deadline I wait until the last date and ultimately be in a hurry to finish the job. It seems I do not do anything unless I am forced internally or externally.
Very Bad :(
Very Very Bad :(

I am trying to find out the reason behind the problem. Am I in a state of procrastination, most of the university students fall into? To resolve the situation I even went to see a doctor. I told him how I feel, how I lack interest and what extent my life is being excitement-less. He asked me what kind of excitement do you need? Indeed, what kind of? I asked myself, but no answer from inside. The inside is empty.

There were days when emotions were extreme. I used to laugh in full I used to be sad the same way. All the emotions were mingled to form the most joyous life. At present, lack of this make me think I am living deadly. I want to get out of this state of emptiness. I want to return to the river of life swimming with life, and come back home with a tub full of joy.

I wish things becomes the way they were.

Poor old man inside the boy; stop talking like this. How old are you and you talk like a hundred years old who is in a flash back of his long lasting past.

This post lack something. Yes, you are right. It is she, the reason may be.

I wish things becomes the way they were.
I wish you were the way you were.